Hodelykt 330 Lumen 3xAAA

Elwis Lightning

Varenr: H3
Alt. varenr: 700H3
Forventet til lager 24.01.2020

Headlamp with 2 light modes, twist focus and flex function

  • Choose wide beam or twist focus for detail
  • Adapt light to your purpose (330 lumens and 110 lumens)
  • Optical lens
  • Soft pad and high specification elastic strap for highest convenience

Durable headlamp – a nice mix between H1 and H2

The H3 is a professional head lamp aimed at those who prefer using dry cell batteries. The lamp has been developed using the best components possible to create an especially robust product. The use of dry cell batteries comes with advantages and disadvantages! It is an advantage that batteries can be replaced quickly, but the energy density is less than with rechargeable batteries and that affects the lifetime of the batteries. In general, you should expect a battery lifetime of up to 1½ hours.
One good feature of the H3 is that we have given the lamp a light output of 110 lumen in ”low mode”. In most situations, this is enough light and at this light strength, the batteries will last up to 9 hours.


Lightweight headlamp with battery pack in the neckBattery on back of the head gives good balance
Soft pad and high quality elastic strap (around and over head)Comfortable to wear during work
Switch mode: low - high - offEasy selection of the light output that fits your purpose
Flex functionDirect the light in the required direction
Wide beamLights up a broad area for good visibility
Twist focusDirect the light for close inspection
Keep the lamp in your favorite work modeHold the switch for 2 sec. when turning off
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