Hodelykt 420 Lumen Oppladbar

Elwis Lightning

Varenr: H2-R
Alt. varenr: 700H2-R-A
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Rechargeable headlamp with 2 light modes & red LED

  • Twist style focus
  • Wide beam with clear light
  • 2 light modes (410 or 45 lumens) and red front light
  • Optical lens
  • Adjustable light head (70°)
  • High specification elastic strap
  • Comes with USB cable
  • Spare/replacement battery available as accessory – Product No. BAT010
  • Charger avaliable as accessory – Product No. CHG011

The H4-R provides unbelievable value for money

We’ll stick our necks out and say that every professional craftsman and outdoor enthusiast needs a H4-R in their toolbox or rucksack. We have placed the battery pack at the front (behind the lens) and added a simple (but robust) head strap. This means that when folded up, the head lamp only measures 4 x 5 cm!!!  This, combined with an overall weight of just 109 g, means that the H4-R is the perfect tool for any professional craftsman or mechanic working on his or her back under a vehicle, as well as being an indispensable companion for the outdoor enthusiast.

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