Inspeksjonslampe håndlampe

Elwis Lightning

Varenr: D0
Alt. varenr: 14050
Forventet til lager 24.01.2020

Handy combi lamp featuring penlight and flashlight in one

  • Handy for inspection work, but really for multi-functional use
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals
  • Also ideal for painting work due to high colour rendering (CRI 95+)
  • Magnet on adjustable clip
  • Directional light with 2 different bright light outputs
  • Convenient charging – comes with USB cable
  • Comes in attractive 12 pieces sales display
  • Single sales box designed to either stand, lie or hang as required

The D0 is a super handy inspection lamp

To be fair, the D0 does not provide the work light needed for a long days work in a Professional work environment. We would not recommend this product to be your main work tool.
As a backup inspection lamp and a work tool always at hand wherever you go in the workshop – the D0 is a perfect solution with all the advantages that comes with a small and lightweight product. It weights only 50 gram and can be clipped onto either a shirt pocket or a belt. Approximately 5 minutes before it runs out of battery, the D0 will flash 5 times.

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